Clean Harbors and neighbour have a date in court

A long-time critic of Clean Harbors will get his day in court at the end of this month.

Jim Stenton

Jim Stenton

Two days have been set aside at Sarnia Court to hear Jim Stenton’s case against the industrial landfill.

Stenton filed the $25,000 lawsuit against Clean Harbours after enduring a summer of stink. A problem with the landfill’s leachate cause neighbours to become physically ill. The company has installed a tarp over the pond but Stenton is looking for compensation and an acknowledgement from the company of the problems it caused.

Stenton and lawyers for Clean Harbors met to try to settle the lawsuit, but negotiations didn’t yield a deal. Stenton and Clean Harbors were in court in early December, but there was not enough time to deal with all the witnesses.

A court date has now been set for Feb. 28 and March 1. “Clean Harbors wanted it in July…but everyone is on vacation,” says Stenton adding he feels the company was trying to minimize the suit by putting in the summer when people would be less likely to hear about it.