No traffic lights for a while at Sarnia corner where 10 year old died

Parents hoping for traffic lights at the Sarnia corner where a 10 year old girl lost her life will have to wait a little longer.

Sarnia City councilors will put off a discussion about installing traffic lights on a north-end intersection.

Jillian Keck was crossing the street at the corner of Cathcart and Murphy Road with the aid of a crossing guard when she was struck by a car. The 10-year old died in London hospital from the injuries.

Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley

Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley

On Jan. 29, police charged the 79-year-old driver of the car with dangerous driving causing death.

Sarnia Councilor Jon McEachran, who wanted lights at the corner, decided to withdraw a request to talk about the issue at council Monday.

Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley says council could put itself in a compromising legal position if it did discuss the intersection. “We won’t deal with it until after the court case is done,” he told reporters Friday. “Talking about it would possibly bring us into the court case…Any comments we made could end up in the court case. No matter what the situation, we are supposed to protect the taxpayers’ interests.”

Bradley is hopeful the legal issues will be resolved quickly; possibly by spring. “You can’t control it (the timing) obviously.”

Bradley says once the court case is over, council will still have to deal with the fact  the intersection doesn’t get enough traffic to meet standards to put in a traffic light.

Hilda Minnis will be in court to answer to the charges March 26.