You can help solve Sarnia-Lambton’s identity crisis

You may be able to help Sarnia-Lambton’s identity crisis.

A number of groups, including Sarnia Lambton Economic Partnership, tourism groups, local chambers and community organizations, have pooled $60,000 to brand the community.

George MallaySarnia Lambton Economic PartnershipHeather Wright Photo

George Mallay
Sarnia Lambton Economic Partnership
Heather Wright Photo

The cooperative has hired two marketing firms NorthStar from Tennessee and Yfactor from Toronto to help delve into what people think about the area and how best to market it to the world.

“What I’m hoping because everyone is engaged…we will end up with a process with stronger buy in and well get more common messaging and get more of integrated marketing,” says George Mallay, SLEP’s general manager and spokesman for the project adding the community needs a common marketing theme.

Mallay says NorthStar also wants to hear from people living in the community. There are two public meetings one Feb. 6 at 6 pm at the Holiday Inn Point Edward and the next on Feb. 7 at Lambton County headquarters in Wyoming starting at 6:30pm. Mallay says the consultants will be looking for the strength and weaknesses of the community.

“We’re going to have session with elected official, with business and one-on-ones; but there are people who may have something to share that I don’t know and we want to give people the opportunity to express that,” says Mallay. “And if someone came out and didn’t want to speak up, there will be the opportunity to communicate on line.

“Come with your honest ideas and thoughts.”

Mallay also hopes the meetings will explain why the community needs a branding process and why the American firm NorthStar was chosen. There has been criticism the coalition would use an US firm for the project.

“The fact of the matter is no local companies applied …we did send it out to a few companies had the capability to do the job… it is a very specialized exercise; people think of branding as a logo and a tag line but its more complicated than that…we need a company that understands marketing and community development.”

He adds one of Sarnia-Lambton’s main targets for attracting new business and tourists is the United States, so it will help having an US firm involved.

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-Heather Wright