Cell tower near Grand Bend going up despite public concerns

Grand Bend area resident Jana Vesely near one of the cell towers Bell Canada is erecting in Lambton Shores despite concerns of people who are electro sensitive. The waves emitted from the towers can cause side effects such as severe headaches

It seems calls to stop a cell phone tower in a small Lake Huron village have failed.

Bell Canada is planning a new tower for 4G service at the marina in Port Franks near Grand Bend. Some residents complained saying the towers cause reactions including severe headaches to people who are electro sensitive.

The municipality Lambton Shores has been trying to get Bell to consider a location further away from people, but so far it has not.  Council even set up a process for cell operators to go through to properly place the towers in an effort to keep them out of residential areas.

But the efforts fell short when Industry Canada approved the company’s request.

Lambton Shores had asked MP Bev Shipley to intervene and file a cease and desist order, but the representative for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex, in an email to council, said that was not within his power. “It’s my understanding that a request for such an order would have to be made by the residents or the municipality to the appropriate judicial authority,” he wrote.

Instead, Shipley was to ask the Industry Minister if he would intervene.

But the appeal to the MP does not seem to have worked. Excavators were on site Friday and the area the tower would be built has been marked off.

Lambton Shores is in the middle of considering whether the Port Franks basin should be considered a beige zone, with limited wireless access reducing the amount of radio frequencies in the community.