Boushy wants employees and councilors to show some Sarnia spirit

Sarnia City/County Councilor David Boushy wants his fellow councilors and city employees to show a little Sarnia spirit.

He wants the Centennial Committee to set up a campaign in city hall to donate to the $3.2 million Legacy Project.

The plan right now calls for the Dow People Place to be refurbished to include a new stage, more seating, refurbished washrooms and a sail roof. Nearby will be a synthetic ice oval surrounding a jumping water fountain.

About $2.3 million needs to be raised in the community and Boushy is encouraging a drive within City Hall’s walls.

Boushy says Lambton County held a drive for the new art gallery which was very successful, raising about $100,000 from staff and politicians.

“I was happily surprised how many county councilors contributed to the gallery…it provided some leadership to the committee that yes, we are in support.”

Councilor Mike Kelch, who is part of the Legacy Project Committee, says the idea is being considered. “All avenues of fundraising will be pursued…the challenge is how to accomplish what you’ve said without being heavy handed,” he says. “We don’t want any individuals to feel they’re under the gun.”

Mayor Mike Bradley agreed. “Philosophically, I feel that people should not feel they MUST give and I particularly say that to city employees,” says Bradley.

Boushy thinks it just makes sense. “The city council members and the city employees should be proud of their history.”