Up to 35 jobs may be cut at Bluewater Health

Bluewater Health says it will need to cut up to 35 jobs because of a $5 million shortfall.

But officials are hoping they won’t have to actually lay anyone off.

Already grappling with inflationary pressures of day-to-day business, the hospitals in Sarnia and Petrolia took another hit when the province changed its funding model to pay according to the number of patients served. That is likely to reduce funding by $3.5 million.

To deal with the shortfall, the hospital’s board of directors has agreed not to fill 12 positions already vacant. “We have met with union leadership to discuss how these changes affect our staff. Impact is anticipated for approximately 30 to 35 positions, however with current vacancies, attrition, retirements and voluntary exits we expected to minimize job loss with few if any involuntary exits,” says Bluewater Health CEO Sue Denomy in a news release.

Among the changes to try to save cash will be “staffing adjustments in some support services” like plant operations, transferring routine nutritional counseling to other agencies, centralize testing to the main automated lab, and look at staffing on a variety of units.

Bluewater Health will also close its therapeutic pool – a service which other hospitals its size don’t have. For more information about the cuts you can go to

www.bluewaterhealth.ca and click on News/Publications & Presentations.