Suncor will put up fewer turbines in Plympton Wyoming and Lambton Shores

Heather Wright Photo

Heather Wright Photo

There will be fewer industrial wind turbines dotting the Camlachie and Forest area.

When Suncor Energy won a contract to build a 100 megawatt wind project in Plympton-Wyoming and Lambton Shores (called the Cedar Point Wind Project) it expected to erect 62 wind turbines. But it has recently chosen the type of industrial turbine it will use and it has reduced the number of turbines which will be needed.

“Our map currently shows 55 possible locations, and Suncor will build only 46 of those,” says Michael Southern of Suncor adding the other nine are “alternate location.”
Southern says there are a number of reasons for the change including “direct input from the community on proposed turbine locations.”

But the biggest factor is the type of turbine which will be used. The original plan, with 62 possible locations, used smaller units. “We designed our project layout so that a number of turbine technologies could work within the same layout, and until now there have been a number of turbine models under consideration.  Now that Suncor has made the final selection of the turbine, 46 positions are required to fulfill the 100 MW Feed In Tariff contract,” says Southern.

Each of the turbines generates just over two megawatts of power, but the blades are bigger than the 1.5 megawatt turbines first considered. The turbines Suncor plans to use will be just less than 100 meters tall and the blade width will be 113 meters. When the blades extend to the sky, the towers will appear over 150 meters tall.

The company’s plans will be on display in April when it holds three public meetings; April 2 in Camlachie, April 3 in Thedford and April 4 in Watford.