Cops arrest a man for e-Drunk driving

Sarnia Police have charged a 47-year old man with impaired driving after an incident with an eBike.

Police say around 11:20 last night, an officer around Mitton and Wellington Streets saw a man on an eBike operating on the wrong side of the road. The bike went through a red light without stopping, making a left turn on Mitton and continuing on the wrong side of the road.

The officer flipped on his lights and the eBike rider came to a stop, crossed the road to the correct side where the officer noticed the pedals of the bike were folded back indicating the eBike’s motor was in use.

Police arrested man, took him to the police station for a breathalyser test where they allege he was found to be twice the legal limit for alcohol.

The Sarnia man will be in court on impaired driving charges in April.