Cell tower opponents want federal moratorium on development

Opponents to cell towers are calling on the federal health minister to put a moratorium on development of new towers.

The Lakeshore Coalition has been fighting the erection of several towers in the Port Franks area, including one at the local marina. The group planned a protest walk to the marina starting this morning (Saturday) at 10:30 am

Coalition spokesperson Laureen Maurizio said in a news release the group and many community members want to live in an area with reduced radio frequency electromagnetic radiation. The waves can make people who are electromagnetic sensitive suffer from severe headaches and sleeplessness.

“Concern for human health and the welfare of the Area of Natural and Scientific Interest designation of the hamlet of Port Franks must have priority over corporate greed,” says  Maurizio adding Canada’s safety standard for human harm from cell towers “is gravely flawed. Radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation affects all Canadians in some way. (The regulation) does not protect anyone from the proven ‘non-thermal’ biological effects that are provoked by these radiation emissions 24/7 during standard operation of wireless networks; therefore, individual sensitivity is resulting in more and more illness.”

The group is asking the health moratorium on all wireless antennae and tower construction until new guidelines can be established.