Enniskillen residents want council to take a stand on turbines

stw-enniskillen fights windturbines

A new group formed to stop wind energy companies dotting the landscape with wind turbines wants Enniskillen municipal council to take a stand against the projects.

Three companies are considering projects which could see up to 51 industrial turbines in the rural municipality. Recently Chad Burke set up a public meeting which drew about 250 people.

Now Burke says more than a dozen people have formed the organization CORE – Conservation of Rural Enniskillen. CORE’s first order of business will be to go to Enniskillen Council April 2.

“We don’t want the turbines here and we want the township to get involved,” says Burke “to get council to say in public they are not on board with the turbines in Enniskillen.”

Burke says Mayor Kevin Marriott has been reluctant to voice a public opinion, but he was urged by other councilors to come to council and seek a public statement.

Burke says the group will also pressure the Ontario Federation of Agriculture – which has been silent on the issue – to take a public stand as well.

Burke says so far the community has been very supportive of the movement to make sure local farmers don’t sign leases with the wind companies. Burke says he was approached by one man who had planned to sign a lease but went to the public meeting and changed his mind. “That’s one individual for sure that is not going to sign a lease,” he says. “It’s a good start.”

– Heather Wright