Residents concerned about coyotes in Ipperwash

Lambton Shores Councilor Lorie Scott says there is a coyote problem in Ipperwash.

Coyotes have been a concern in Sarnia-Lambton recently with city and rural residents noticing more of the animals in the area. Farmers have noticed small livestock being attacked by coyotes and in Sarnia, dog walkers have noticed the animals and voiced concern.

The Ministry of Natural Resources has told Sarnia officials killing the animals solves the problem for a short while as other coyotes soon move in to take their place.

Now Scott says Ipperwash residents are concerned about the numbers of coyotes they have been seeing. “Apparently six coyotes have been spotted in Ipperwash,” she recently told Lambton Shores Council. “One was found on one lady’s porch asleep.”

Scott says people are so concerned they are “wondering about the possibility of a cull.”

Lambton Shores Councilor John Russell says it is unlikely the MNR would organize a cull.

However, ministry regulations allow hunting of coyotes year round with no bag limit.

“Some of the local farmers organize culls,” says Clerk Carol McKenze. “There may be a farmer in the area who would be able to do it.”

McKenzie adds the MNR does give seminars on how to deal with the animals.