Marriott says Enniskillen has already taken turbine stand

Enniskillen Mayor Kevin Marriott says he and his council have been clear in their response to the possibility of industrial wind turbines being set up in the community.

The new community group CORE  – Conservation of Rural Enniskillen – will be at the township council meeting next week. Chair Chad Burke said when CORE first formed the group was looking for politicians to take a public stand against wind farms in the area as three companies canvass farmers to get them to sign leases for the turbines on their land. Nearly 50 could dot the landscape if the projects get provincial approval.

Marriott says he and his council have been very clear. “Back on March 7t, at the public meeting in Oil Springs I stated that I was not leasing my land,” Marriott stated in an email. “In 2012, Enniskillen council passed a bylaw with hefty building permits as well as a $200,000 security/letter of credit per turbine; I think that is taking a stand.”

Burke says over the last one to two weeks “it is very clear that council has a stand and has made it public. When when we go to council on (April) second, CORE is there to show support to Enniskillen Council.”

– Heather Wright