Lambton students face suspension without immunizations

Nearly 3,000 students in Sarnia-Lambton could end up missing school if they don’t get their immunization.

The Lambton County Community Health Services Department has sent out 2,967 letters to families saying their immunization records are not up to date.

The families have until April 30 to send a letter proving the immunizations have been given to the child. If the immunizations aren’t complete by May 30, the students will be suspended from school.

Erin Courtney of Community Health Services says usually parents correct the problem quite quickly. “A lot has to do with maybe they didn’t realize they have to report their immunizations to the health unit,” says Courtney adding many people don’t understand it is not the doctors responsibility to submit the information to the health unit.

Courtney expects the majority of families will have the issue cleared up before the deadline.

Last year there were 231 students suspended because the immunizations had not been complete. Everyone was back at school by June 6.

– Heather Wright