Unlicensed driver leads police through southend chase; ends on a front lawn

A wild police chase in Sarnia this morning ended with a car on a front lawn and a driver fleeing on foot.

Just before 3 am, police saw a swerving car on Confederaton near Mitton Street. The officer signaled for the driver to stop, but he sped up instead, running stops signs and red lights. Police took down the license plate number and stopped the chase concerned for public safety.

A few minutes later a person in the Bennett and Devine Street area called police saying a car had crashed onto the front lawn of a house. Police found the car they had been chasing on Confederation on the lawn. Police say a man jumped out of the passenger side window. Officers chased a man briefly before arresting him.

Police took the man to hospital for examination and tested his blood for alcohol levels. When he was taken to the police station, officers found he wasn’t licensed.

A 19 year old is facing charges of impaired driving, failing to stop for police, dangerous driving and having no license.

Police say the man was in court this morning and will return in May to answer to the charges. Officers say more charges could be laid in the incident.