Lit up Bright St. partiers arrested

Sarnia Police are getting to know some of the people of Bright Street well.

On Saturday around 9 pm, neighbours called police complaining about teens drinking and smoking pot in the backyard. When police arrived they found three people in a car – a 20 year old police believe was holding a bag of marijuana and his 49 year old father in the back seat as well as a 19 year old. Police say they seized a weigh scale which they allege the father was using. Police also seized 29 grams of marijuana.

The three were arrested, the 19 year old and 49 year old were released on a promise to appear in court on drug charges. The 20 year old was charged with possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking and was held in custody.

Early the next morning, police were back at the same house for a large party. When police knocked on the door there were invited in where they found about 100 people in various states of drunkenness.

Police asked to speak to the home owner but no one knew who that was.  The partiers were told to leave the residence.  One teen decided to take a boxing stance to take on an officer.  He was eventually handcuffed but not before a short struggle ensued as other intoxicated attendees cheered him on.  He was escorted from the residence.

As the police were clearing the home, they found a 45 year old man on the couch who was the homeowner. He was arrested and charged with mischief.