Sarnia’s Centennial Beach fenced off due to high lead levels

centennial park 2

A map provided by the City of Sarnia of areas to be fenced in Centennial Park due to extremely high readings of lead levels. A complete report on chemicals found at the former industrial site is expected in a matter of weeks.

The beach at Sarnia’s Centennial Park is being fenced off as even more pockets of lead contamination have been found.

Last week, the city fenced off the playground at Centennial Park last week after extremely high levels of lead were found in the grassy area behind the play structures. Today, City Manager Lloyd Fennell announced more problem spots had been found on the beach area.

Contractors are now putting up fences around the beach, although the cement walkway will remain open.

Two areas near the Maclean Building will be covered with clean soil as a precaution.

Public health officials say absorption of lead through the skin is rare but since these are areas children play and children have a higher risk of ingesting things because they put their hands to their mouths a lot, the area will be barricaded.

Fennell has said the readings are likely caused by past industry on the sites. He says the city will have a better idea of the source of the lead and how to deal with when environmental consultants have completed their report on the park.