Curb jumping van involved in Sarnia pursuit

sarnia policeIt is amazing no one was hurt.

Around 6 pm last night Sarnia Police were called after witnesses saw a van run a stop sign at Walnut Ave and Wellington, climb up a curb and run through some bushes.

Witnesses told police the man backed up, right into a hydro pole and fence and then rocked the van back and forth to get out off the curb.

A witness followed the van, relaying information to police including the van’s route along Talfourd Street.

The van stopped briefly on Talfourd Street and the driver got out to see if there was any damage after running through the bushes. Witnesses tried to block the man’s path, but he got back into the van, drove over the curb and boulevard and went around the person. Police say the van went through two more stop signs on Talfourd as police followed with emergency lights and sirens going.

The van then blew through another red at Wellington Street,  struck a south curb and was heading into the path of an oncoming police cruiser. The van managed to avoid the cruiser and kept driving down East Street.

As the van tried to make a right on Ross Avenue, it slid and struck another curb. That’s when police arrested the man.

Police say there were a lot of people out during the supper hour and were walking along the route of the chase.

A 40 year old Sarnia man now faces charges for impaired driving, dangerous driving and failing to stop for police.